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Dear Families:

I am very excited about the upcoming school year. I am dedicated to assure an educational and fun filled kindergarten experience for your child. In partnership with you, the family, we can build a sound foundation for your child's journey through school. Our endeavor is a team effort equally depending on home, school, and our community to educate our children. As a mother of two, I understand that you are entrusting your greatest treasure to me. I will not only do my very best to teach them   as much as time possibly allows, I will also love, care and discipline for them as if they were my own.

Our present day kindergarten is a very academic environment. Kindergarten is no longer a place of mostly social interaction. Kindergarten is more like what first grade was always known for in the past. In kindergarten we now learn to read and write many words. I will work very hard to make the tedious process of learning to read as much fun as possible. However begin to prepare your child for a very busy classroom work schedule. Begin to have your child practice timed activities; such as eating and cleanup up in 25 minutes or completing an academic activity in about 15 minutes. Time management is very difficult for some to master. Our day is very busy and moves along quite quickly. Now is the time to begin the time management process. We will encourage your child to take great pride in his/her classroom tasks and hopefully in turn we will encourage him/'her to develop a fantastic work ethic.

I always have high expectations for my students and their families. I am a very dedicated team member, and I hope you feel the same dedication to our most important efforts. I am so looking forward to working with your family this school year. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Kim Jones