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Which way do I go and what do I do?
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Friday, August 13, 2010
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Traffic Pattern at Hopewell

To all Car Rider Parents,

Please do not enter the front circle when buses are present!  State law prohibits cars from passing buses when stop lights are displayed.  You could possibly be ticketed by law enforcement if you enter while buses are present.  You may use the back entrance if buses are present when you arrive at school.

The school late bell rings at 7:45.  If a student arrives to their room after the late bell, they will be sent to the office to receive a late pass.  If being late is a continual problem, you could be summonsed to campus court.  Students must be picked up in the afternoon by 3:00.  Continual late pickups could result in you being summonsed to campus court.  Please call the office if you are going to be late to pick up your child.

While dropping off students in the front of the school, please pull all the way up to the gym and allow your child to exit the car on the sidewalk while you are waiting in line.  All grade levels can use both lanes while dropping off your child.  Either Mr. Riggs or another employee will be at the outside lane everyday to help ensure the safety of your child while crossing traffic.  Please, Please don't let your child out to cross traffic before you get to the person helping them cross.

While dropping off students in the back of the school by the gym, please make sure to pull all the way up to the end of the sidewalk and let your child out onto the sidewalk to walk to the gym entrance.

Kindergarten parents should pick up your child in the back of the school by the gym entrance.

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